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 LUCATELLI DIVING  was founded in Trieste, Italy, in 1987 by

Giuseppe Lucatelli, who built around his 20 years of experience as a professional diver,specialized in saturation diving projects, the first                 commercial diving company in Trieste.

He previously worked for the SubSea Oil Service, a worldwide leader in the underwater field

 and part then of the Micoperi Group.

Since then LUCATELLI DIVING has developed and improved its skills in a various number of underwater services.

























LUCATELLI DIVING is the Company that deals with marine

and commercial diving projects, and through qualified experienced divers and modern technology

always offers to its customers a high standard of service.

Logistics and management skills, engineering support

and reliability are amongst the characteristics that allow

worldwide leading companies such as SAIPEM 

and EXXON MOBIL to appoint LUCATELLI DIVING as a qualified and certified supplier.

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